Traditional Enamel Radiators

Pool Bathrooms offer a range of high quality traditional enamel radiators in a variety of styles and finishes.

We often find traditional enamel radiators tend to be used in larger bathrooms due to the additional space they tend to require and fit in well with a more traditional / period bathroom design.

Lots of traditional enamel radiators have an integral towel rail giving you a great crossover which is somewhere between a towel warmer and a designer radiator giving you a great a place to not only air your towels but also have them warmed for when you leave the bath or shower. 

Edwardian Traditional Radiator - W741 x H491
Edwardian Traditional RadiatorTraditional style can also be space saving with this Edwardian Towel R..
Radley Traditional Radiator - W493 x H963
Radley Traditional Radiator - W493 x H963Embrace a touch of vintage design with the floor-mounted Ra..
State Traditional Radiator - W683 x H778
State Traditional Radiator - W683 x H778This roomy towel rail keeps everyone's towels warm and dry. ..
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